Kat is a musician, model, mom, photographer, and so much more who recently moved back to Baltimore, MD from Florida and is the lead vocalist for The Reflex, and a fill in vocalist/violinist for No Filter Band (based out of Tampa, FL).  She has 20 years of performance and recording experience and is classically trained on the violin and cello.  From there she has branched out to everything from Celtic to bluegrass to blues to jazz to country to rock and even some hard rock. She enjoys it all. 

She has an extensive vocal range and can get to a G below middle C and an E above high C.  She can sing nearly any genre asked but prefers classic rock, jazz, country, and rock. She can also sing soft and melodic, or can have grit and growl depending on what genre of music she's performing.  She's also from the South and can pull her accent out of her back pocket easily.

Performance Experience:
Tehachapi Symphony Orchestra
Bakersfield College Orchestra
Antelope Valley Community College Symphony
Washington State University Symphony
West Chester University Symphony
Unstable Ground -- 80's Metal Group
Wizards of Winter- Trans Siberian Orchestra Tribute (.wizardsofwinter)
Swiftkick- Cover band
Kat and the Mad Dogz- Party Band (./katandthemaddogz)
Burning Bridget Cleary- Professional Trad Irish group (.burningbridgetcleary) 
M-80 Party Band- Professional 80's band (./m80partyband)
The Reflex- Professional 80's band (.thereflexlive)
NoFilter Band (.nofilterband)

-- 7 string Mark Wood Viper electric violin
-- 5 string Bridge Lyra electric violin
-- Acoustic violin
-- Cello
-- foot pedal 
-- Wireless system for my violin 
-- Shure SM58 microphone
-- In-ear monitor system
-- Shure Wireless microphone system