(Written by Nelson Stewart—SOCAN) I wrote this chorus for Jeania before I met her. "Lovely fun that takes Rogues fans where they seem more than willing to go." - Becky Trotter, Southwest Celtic Music Association


153 (The Simpleton's Lament)
Written by: Nelson J. Stewart

She's got a B.Sc. in metaphysics
A Ph.D. in life
Her apprehension would baffle the mystics
But she'll never be my wife
It's not her body or cash I desire
It's her mind that interests me
For her I burn with intellectual fire
Her I.Q.'s 153
But she's confused by me

I don't understand why she can't understand me
Why she hasn't figured me out
I'm as deep as a puddle
So why can't she see
She won't have to scream and shout
She has become that by which I judge
All others in this world
I'm not bitter no I don't bear a grudge
Just love me I'm growing old
I'm fading quickly
I'm growing old

She is the best thing about today
I can't turn my back, can't walk away
She might be wrong, though she's usually right
I just want to hold her through the night