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Home at Last (Of Suns and the Blue)
Written and Arranged by Nelson Stewart SOCAN
Nelson: Lead Vocals, Piano, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Lead and Rhythm Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Strings, Horn Section, Tambourine, Shaker
Randy: Drums
Corey: Fiddle
Ewan: Backing Vocals


You’ve done your time looking down at the world
From the window of a plane
You swam in the blue of a thousand lands
Yet always felt the same
The Devil has kissed you on the lips
And brought you Heaven on the Earth
And men who told you what you wanted to hear
Have made you question your own worth

Don’t turn around
Please don’t turn around
Don’t turn around

Now, now you’re home at last
It’s time, to forget the past
You are, you’re my first and last
And now, now you’re home at last

And now the world has grabbed you by the hand
No I think you lead the world
We’ve shared the fall of a thousands suns
Dreams bought cannot be sold
Of the demons you knew from a lifetime ago
There remain now only a few
I hope it’s enough to believe in love
It’s all I can offer you