From the recording 3 LBS. OF RAGE - DOWNLOAD

The Measure of a Man
Written and Arranged by Nelson Stewart SOCAN
Nelson: Lead Vocals, Piano, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Lead and Rhythm Bass Guitar, Strings, Organ, Tambourine, Shaker
Randy: Drums
Corey: Fiddle
Ewan: Backing Vocals
Chris: Electric Guitar


A man without land is nothing they say
I’m sure that’s not quite true
It takes more than dirt to prove your worth
When playing with the cards you drew
A penniless man can be a Saint
Yet beg his whole life through
A man with a thousand acres of land
Can be a bastard too

There are those who say that it’s okay
To crush the will of others
An insult here and a backhand there
Both offered in liberal doses
In a matter of time the victim dies
Destroyed by the one she loves
Or she saves herself, a paragon to others
Courage born of weakness

Great men can fail and often do
While the weak ones push right through
King and Riel were brought down by
The hands of the ignorant few
While Canada fails our politicians squander
What’s left of our national pride
Sold out higher up we struggle to be one
Bought out on the US side

Brought down by corrosive anger
Crippled inside by legacy pain
Father’s roads are easily traveled when tears are paying the toll
A dying nation ruled by apathy
Black-hearted leaders with jaundiced eyes
Social chaos upheld by incompetence
Weakness has many faces