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From the recording 3 LBS. OF RAGE - DOWNLOAD

Written and Arranged by Nelson Stewart SOCAN
Nelson: Lead Vocals, Piano, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Bass Guitar, Electric Piano, Organ
Randy: Drums, Cowbell, Tambourine
Ewan: Backing Vocals


I feel hollow
Wallow in your misery is what I’ve done
I’m not the one
I hate my reflection
You’re perfection
This infection called love please find the cure
You’re so pure

And if I wasn’t such a fraud
I’d still be no closer to God

You’re good to me
Made me see
I’ll let it be for now just walk away
Forget today
I make myself sick
I’m such a dick
Why can’t I stick to what I start I’m a fool
You’re a jewel

I feel hollow
Follow me to Hell I’m on my way
What can I say
I need redemption
Introspection doesn’t seem to help at all
Answer my call