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Big Blue
Written by Nelson Stewart/Dan Doolan/Giles Hunter/Steve Bowen/Jamie Elchuk; Lyrics by Dan Doolan, Arranged by The Swinish Multitude SOCAN
Nelson: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Accordion, Mandolin, Tambourine, Shaker
Randy: Drums
Corey: Fiddle
Tyson: Bass Guitar
Lyric: Backing Vocals
Ewan: Backing Vocals
Mitch: Backing Vocals


Lovers laugh and lovers they like to cry
It’s not like we are jealous of a big blue sky
Life sometimes is hard and sometimes cruel
Life sometimes just likes to play tricks on you
What can you do

Darlin’, darlin’, darlin’ please don’t let me go
I’ve worked so hard you know
I really love you so
Don’t ever let me go

And she goes on and on and on
She goes on and on and on
The world keeps spinnin’ round like she don’t care

And when you think you know what it’s all about
The man in the moon screams “Hey!” let me out
Then you jump in your balloon and then you just sail away
And realize all along you wanted to stay
You wanted to stay