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"Love the pipes? If you are nodding your head, then you’ll love this band! “3 LBS of Rage” delivers a multitude of great tracks, showing off the skill and style that made them such a popular group. This is a CD that any Celtic music lover would be proud to own... it really shows that this is a band with range and skill...It was, quite simply put, spectacular... And “The Measure of a Man” was the perfect track to cap off the album. Each new song had something different to offer... All in all I’d say this CD was a triumph for a band that really has it together. Immensely enjoyable on many levels." -- CELTIC MUSIC MAGAZINE

An eclectic and exciting album that showcases the many sides of the American Rogues, 3 LBS. OF RAGE includes 14 traditional and original tracks spanning folk, rock, and classical music, as well as "The Gael" from Last of the Mohicans. With Irish, Scottish, and Welsh music, instrumentation includes Highland Pipes, Small Pipes, fiddle, accordion, mandolin, Scottish Snare, guitar, piano, bass, drum kit, bodhran, whistles, hand drums, etc. as well as numerous vocal tracks, including one in Gaelic.

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