From the recording 3 LBS. OF RAGE - DOWNLOAD

She Walks on Water
Written and Arranged by Nelson Stewart SOCAN
Nelson: Lead Vocals, Piano, Lead and Rhythm Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Strings
Randy: Drums
Corey: Fiddle
Tyson: Bass Guitar
Ewan: Backing Vocals
Lyric: Backing Vocals


She comes to me in the fading of the day
She takes my hand and leads me astray
Down to the river, a place I’ve never been
One look, one touch, and my head on a pillow of green

Dark Messiah, thief of my soul
I follow willingly to a place I cannot go
Dark Messiah, she’s a thief of my soul

She moves through me, her spirit becomes mine
I feel her stumble through the darkness of my mind
The eyes of a child, the strength of a woman
Angel’s grace, beauty’s place, and the soul of a demon

I close my eyes in the bonds of her embrace
Saviour to the lonely it’s her wine that I long to taste
A martyr for her cause, on the cross that she bears
Thorn pierces flesh, nail through the heart, now I am hers

I wake to find her gone, alone in a motel tomb
No redemption under the sun, I sold my soul to the moon
Naked under the prophet’s stare, too late but now I know
I betrayed myself with a kiss, and I begged her to let me go