The Rogues ~ 3 LBS. of RAGE Album Review*
December 27, 2010
By DianeS

This past September 4th, The Rogues released their much anticipated ninth album, 3 LBS. of RAGE. To say it has been well received by the fans is an understatement. Initially offered on their website, the first batch of CDs sold out within a day of release. The second batch followed the same path shortly thereafter. Without question, 3 LBS. of RAGE is the best compilation of music released by The Rogues to date. With an excellent variety of music, it will appeal to every Celtic music lovers taste. Scattered among the many original pieces are covers, traditional numbers, fiddle and bagpipe solos, ear splitting CeltRock and a Welch lullaby. The vocal and instrumental choices are many and each better than the next depending on ones mood at the moment. Over the past few weeks, I’ve listened to this CD again and again, each time discovering something distinctive about an arrangement or the lyrics of a song. A great deal of thought went into the song selections for the album and the choices are just right.

The first of my many favorites on the album is South Australia (not the Dubliners or Clancy Brothers traditional old sea chanty), the rousing adaptation arranged by The Pogues and by Nelson Stewart for this album. Nelson performs a masterful CeltRock version with backing vocals by The Steel City Boys Choir. Another favorite is Suo Gan, a traditional Welch lullaby also arranged by Nelson and sung by Jeania Stewart. This arrangement is striking in its simplicity and a brilliant addition to the song list. I do enjoy the bagpipes and The Wish, written, arranged and performed by Lyric Todkill is one of those hauntingly beautiful bagpipe instrumentals that remain in your mind and play over and over again. It’s truly amazing.

I believe I could go on and on about my favorites here. To be honest, there isn’t a song on this album that isn’t a favorite. This is one of the best albums I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing here at Fanrealm. Rogues, you’ve outdone yourselves with 3 LBS. of RAGE and you deserve all the accolades you’re receiving with its release. This is an exceptional album!

The Rogues:

Nelson Stewart, Corey Walden, Lyric Todkill, Doug MacRae, Tyson Kipfer, Randy Wothke 

3 LBS. of RAGE

* Winnipeg Forger
* Home at Last
* The Deuce
* Big Blue
* The Gael
* South Australia
* Andrew Duthart
* She Walks on Water
* Sommertime
* Hollow
* Panda (the Other White Meat)
* Suo Gan
* The Wish
* The Measure of a Man

*In October of 2012 The Rogues split.  Nelson Stewart and other members continued to perform as The American Rogues.  Randy Wothke and other musicians continued as The Rogues.  

NoteThe Rogues as a group played Chicago and 6 members of the American Rogues performed with the band at that time.