This is a really nice story. You may have read on the "Fanecdotes" page of our website about a young girl named Allison who was autistic but spoke for the first time when she heard us playing on stage. After that I often brought her up to join us because it clearly made her very happy. Last night I received the following message:

"Ms. Allison recently returned from an audition for America's Got Talent. We won't know if she made it or not until sometime in the spring but we also provided a video audition. From the child stuck in autism... you gave her an avenue to talk, sing, and FLY!! There really is nothing we can do to repay the light you brought into her life. So many blessings.

Mary and Sakeeta Ehlenfeldt. (Legal Guardians of Ms. Allison Lewis...the mouse that roared.)"

Thank-you so much, Mary and Sakeeta... you just made all of us very happy.

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