Winner of Battle of the Bands One Announced!!*

All votes have now been counted and verified and we can reveal that after 10,400 votes were placed, the winning band of Battle of the Bands One is The Rogues from Texas.

Voting was extremely close in the final week of the competition and we must congratulate all of the final bands for encouraging so many of their fans to vote for them.

We would like to thank all of the bands who entered the competition, we hope you enjoyed the extra publicity. Thanks also to everyone who voted for their favourite band making Battle of the Bands One a great success.

Congratulations to The Rogues, who will be heading to Las Vegas in March to play their gig in Diablo's (LMG), in the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino on St Patrick's Day 2010.

Congratulations also to Rachel Justice who is the winner of two flights to Las Vegas on St Patrick's Day 2010 to watch the band perform!

Thanks to Diablo's of the Light Management Group at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino who have made this competition possible by allowing us to offer such a great prize.

Grace Mercer,
Strangford Lough


*In October of 2012 The Rogues split.  Nelson Stewart and other members continued to perform as The American Rogues.  Randy Wothke and other musicians continued as The Rogues.   

NoteThe Rogues as a group were voted #1 and 6 members of the American Rogues performed with the band at that time.